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delivery truck crash

Every day, more and more delivery trucks take to our roads in Virginia. As we begin to rely on home delivery for everything from Amazon orders to groceries, crashes and injuries involving delivery vehicles are becoming more common, too.

So, if you’ve been injured by a delivery truck, what are your options, and what should you do? In this article, we’ll outline four simple steps that can help protect your legal rights and address your pain and financial losses after a delivery truck crash.

1. Call 911 and Cooperate With the Police

After a serious collision, your immediate safety and the safety of others should be your top priority. The first step in any truck accident claim is calling 911 and reporting the wreck. This will ensure that the crash gets documented by authorities and that everyone gets the medical care they need.

When the police arrive, cooperate fully with their investigation. If police officers have questions about the crash, answer those questions truthfully and honestly.

However, this policy of full disclosure doesn’t apply to the insurance adjuster, who may try to contact you for information. When an insurance adjuster calls and says they want to ask you some questions, you should politely decline to give them any information until you’ve talked with an experienced truck accident lawyer. Otherwise, the adjuster will use what you tell them to try and undermine your claim and prevent you from receiving the compensation you deserve.

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2. Get the Delivery Driver’s Insurance Information and Identify Their Actual Employer

Just because a delivery driver is wearing a company uniform or driving what looks like a company vehicle doesn’t make them an employee of that company. Delivery companies like Shipt and Amazon often hire subcontractors to deliver packages. The relationship between the actual driver and the company whose name is on the truck often involves several layers of contracting and subcontracting.

After a delivery truck crash, don’t just glance at the side of the truck and assume you know who employs the driver. Instead, make sure you ask about the driver’s actual employer and get the relevant insurance information.

3. Have a Doctor Evaluate Your Crash-Related Injuries

Even if you think you only suffered minor injuries, you should always see a doctor after a delivery truck crash. Immediately after the crash, you’ll be running on adrenaline, and you might not understand the severity of your condition.

Many injuries don’t display the full range of their symptoms immediately after a crash. For example, a herniated disc sometimes takes hours or days to begin causing pain. And some types of brain injuries create only minimal symptoms at first but then get worse over the following days or weeks.

Unfortunately, if you refuse medical treatment after a crash, the insurance company will use this against you later. And if you don’t get medical treatment at all, receiving compensation for your injuries will prove impossible.

4. Talk With an Experienced Virginia Injury Lawyer

Delivery truck accident claims can involve multiple insurance companies, complex legal issues, and significant damages. Unless you have a lawyer at your side, it’s easy to miss important details that can result in lost compensation.

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Rather than try to manage your claim alone, it’s always best to talk with a lawyer. At Phelan Petty, we help our clients navigate these issues, and we offer free, no-risk initial consultations to help you understand your rights and legal options.

Our truck accident team combines personalized service with sophisticated litigation techniques to get the best possible results for our clients. We know how to interpret truck data, medical records, and personnel files, and whenever necessary, we work with nationally-respected experts to uncover all the causes of a crash.

Phelan Petty: We Fight for Delivery Truck Accident Victims in Virginia

Phelan Petty is one of Virginia’s premier injury law firms. Because we only handle a small number of complex cases, our lawyers can dedicate more of their time and resources to the victims who need our help.

To learn more about our personalized and cutting-edge approach to injury law and get a free assessment of your case, fill out our quick and easy online contact form or call us at (804) 980-7100.

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