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Virginia Holiday Traffic Death Toll on the Rise

During the 2017 Thanksgiving holiday weekend, 14 people were killed in Virginia automobile accidents.  This was the highest number killed over the Thanksgiving weekend since 2013.  This past Thanksgiving weekend, 12 people were killed in Virginia traffic crashes.

Why do the number of Virginia highway fatalities during holiday weekends remain high?  It seems as though the highway system across the country is crumbling and in need of long over due repairs and expansion.  In many parts of Virginia, the highways are no longer able to handle rush-hour traffic let alone holiday traffic.  Throw in the constant patch-work construction projects and you have a mess.  The Virginia State Police reports that alcohol factored into two of the 2018 Thanksgiving automobile accidents and that four of those killed were not wearing seat belts.

People need to be smarter.  The Christmas season is almost upon us, and it is the most heavily-traveled times of the year.  Please do not drink and drive; wear your seat belt; and drive smarter, especially around large trucks.  Give yourself more room between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you, and don’t be the jackass weaving in and out of traffic.

State Police and Governor Respond

The Virginia State Police and Governor Northam announced a campaign designed to reduce the number of traffic -related serious injuries and deaths in Virginia.  The campaign is called, “Towards Zero Deaths,” and it involves increased patrols, DUI checkpoints and public education.  The goals is to reduce to zero the number of traffic-related deaths over the Christmas holiday.

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