How to Find a Virginia Truck Accident Attorney

In a split second a truck accident can cause you serious personal injury and change your life forever. After receiving medical attention, you or someone on your behalf need to speak with a Virginia truck accident attorney immediately. This may sound like an overused cliche’, but if you’ve been injured in a tractor trailer truck accident, there really is no time to waste in finding the correct attorney to represent you. The reason for this is simple. The trucking companies, their insurance companies, and their retained law firms investigate truck crash scenes within hours of the truck accident. You are already at a disadvantage if the trucking stakeholders have removed evidence from the truck or scene or influenced law enforcement investigation of the crash. Federal regulations require that certain essential evidence be maintained only for a limited amount of time. For example, the driver’s log may be destroyed after six months if an attorney does not take appropriate steps to preserve it. Additionally, the powerful trucking industry lobby has pressured Congress to limit the public’s access to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s website related to trucking company safety performance. Your case may be permanently harmed if you do not find an experienced Virginia truck accident attorney to protect your interests.

How does a grieving family find a good Virginia truck accident attorney? First, these cases are not run of the mill automobile accident cases – they are complex and should be handled by an attorney with experience handling tractor trailer truck accident cases. The attorney you hire should understand issues regarding truck maintenance, driver fatigue, driver drug use, product defects and freight shipper and broker liability. For an insight into a prospective attorney’s trucking law experience, check his or her biography page on the law firm website to see if he or she is a member of trucking law organizations such as the American Association of Justice (AAJ) Truck Litigation Group and the Academy of Truck Accident Attorneys (ATAA). Members of these groups are committed to educating, training, and assisting member attorneys who strive constantly to learn how to better handle truck crash cases. They are also committed to improving truck and highway safety. The attorney members of these groups are frequently asked to lecture at legal seminars on truck accident law.

Do your homework. A firm that handles thousands of automobile accident cases is not necessarily a firm that specializes in complex truck accident litigation.