Swimming Pool Drowning Hazards Lead to Recall

Swimming Pool Drowning Hazards Lead to Recall

Swimming Pool Drowning Hazards

Most swimming pool drowning hazards can be eliminated by good product design practices.  Swimming pool components should be designed to avoid the risk of entrapping swimmers, particularly children, under water.  For example, swimming pool drain covers or suction outlet covers are required by federal statute to have an anti-vortex design to prevent hair, limb, body or clothing entrapment.  For more about the drowning hazards posed by defective swimming pool drain covers, read our earlier blog, How to Protect Your Family from Swimming Pool Injuries.  Roughly 4,000 Americans drown in swimming pools every year.

Pool Step System Recall

On August 21, 2018, Confer Plastics announced that it was recalling about 100,000 units of its Curve in pool step systems (pool step recall).  The stated reason for the recall is that “children’s limbs can become entrapped in the side openings of the step system, posing a drowning hazard.”  The image below shows the Curve in pool system.  It seems obvious that a child’s arm or leg could become entrapped in the side openings.

Before 100,000 units of these steps were placed into the stream of commerce, the designers of this swimming pool component needed to do a better job at designing out its swimming pool drowning hazards.  No child should drown because his or her hair or limbs became entrapped by an underwater swimming pool component.

Swimming Pool Drowning Claims Require Skilled Legal Representation

After a serious swimming pool injury, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Your family might face significant medical bills associated with the victim’s emergency treatment and rehabilitation. If the injuries were fatal, you’ll likely struggle with grief and anger while planning an unexpected funeral. Rather than try to manage your legal claims amid all these stresses, it’s typically in your best interest to contact an experienced swimming pool injury lawyer for help. If you need help understanding your legal rights in a premises liability claim, contact the experienced attorneys at Phelan Petty right away.

Phelan Petty: Experienced Swimming Pool Injury Lawyers

At Phelan Petty, we know that swimming pool injury claims require sophisticated analysis and dedicated representation. Unlike many Virginia personal injury law firms, we specialize in handling a small number of complex injury cases so we can devote our time and resources to helping the most seriously injured victims.

If someone you love suffered serious harm in a drowning incident, contact us today for a free, no-risk case evaluation. You can get in touch with us by either completing our online completing our online contact form or calling us at 866.249.3164.

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