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Medical Malpractice

Do Medical Malpractice Lawsuits Make Our Communities Safer?

A single mistake by a doctor or medical professional can turn a hopeful patient into a victim suffering from physical, psychological, and financial damages. If you were injured by someone’s medical malpractice, you need to understand that holding negligent doctors and hospitals accountable is crucial, not only for your own well-being, but that of the community…
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Boeing 737 MAX Airplane Crashes

Boeing Responsible for Crashes Boeing has taken the extraordinary step of accepting responsibility for the deadly Lion Air and Ethiopian Airlines  airplane crashes that killed several hundred people.  Boeing CEO, Dennis Muilenburg, posted to Twitter today a letter and video in which he acknowledged fault.  Preliminary reports indicate that the 737 MAX’s Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System…
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Virginia Bus Crash Kills Two and Injures Dozens

Many of us have hopped on a charter bus headed to a sporting event, casino, or amusement park. However, you may not realize that some discount bus lines value profits over their passengers’ safety. A recent charter bus crash highlights this risk. Below, the motor vehicle accident lawyers at Phelan Petty discuss a series of…
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Denied Insurance Claim

4 Reasons the Insurance Company Denied Your Claim After a Car Crash

4 Common Reasons Insurance Companies Use to Deny Car Crash Claims After a traumatic car accident, victims would rather focus on their physical, emotional, and mental health than fighting for legal compensation. Most people believe they will make an insurance claim and receive the compensation they deserve within a few weeks. Unfortunately, that is not…
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Drugged Driving

Drugged Driving Is a Serious Threat to Virginia Motorists

Drugged Driving: A Growing Threat on Virginia Roads Drugged driving is becoming increasingly problematic on Virginia roads. When people who are not in condition to drive get behind the wheel, impairment can cause crashes that lead to injury or death. Keep reading to learn more about drugged driving in Virginia, and what to do if…
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Churches Continue to Trickle Out Names of Sex Abusers

I was raised in the Catholic Church and it pains me to write this article.  What hurts me, even more, is that countless children endured sexual abuse while the Church did nothing. Recently, there has been an outpouring of admissions that the Catholic Church received “credible claims” of sexual abuse against thousands of priests. The…
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sexual abuse lawsuit

Virginia Catholic Dioceses Admit Sexual Abuse Victims Have Credible Evidence: What You Need to Know

Recently, two Catholic dioceses in Virginia publicly named 58 priests as having been “credibly accused” of sexually abusing children. The abuse went on for decades and involves an unknown number of innocent victims. This startling and seemingly transparent disclosure of the identity of pedophiles in the clergy has been viewed by many as an attempt…
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Everything You Need to Know About Paragard IUD Injuries

What is Paragard? Paragard is a small, hormone-free IUD made of plastic wrapped in a layer of copper.  Remarkably, copper is its only active ingredient in the device. Copper wires coiled around the device produce an inflammatory reaction, which is toxic to sperm and eggs (ova), preventing pregnancy.  The Food & Drug Administration (FDA) approved this…
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Exploding E-Cigarette Batteries

A recent article published in the Daily Beast focused on the uptick in e-cigarette explosion cases seen at Vanderbilt University’s Division of Trauma and Surgical Critical Care. The surgeon interviewed for the article has treated 30 people for exploding e-cigarette injuries.  The injuries treated include third degree flame burns, chemical burns and damage to teeth and…
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Can I Sue a Robot? Artificial Intelligence and Personal Injury Claims

From self-driving cars to smartwatches, we are all becoming more and more reliant on technology in our daily lives. Unfortunately, a defective “smart” device can cause catastrophic injuries. Below, the product liability team at Phelan Petty discusses the developing field of artificial intelligence (AI) liability. What Is Artificial Intelligence? Fueled by increasingly sophisticated software, chip…
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how do I sue for medical malpractice

How Do I Sue a Doctor for Medical Malpractice?

How Do I Sue a Doctor for Medical Malpractice in Virginia? Claims against negligent doctors, providers, and medical facilities are some of the most complicated injury claims. Virginia law establishes strict rules about the timing and procedures associated with medical malpractice claims, and a single mistake can result in delays and lost compensation. In this…
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delivery truck crash

4 Steps You Need to Take After a Delivery Truck Crash

Every day, more and more delivery trucks take to our roads in Virginia. As we begin to rely on home delivery for everything from Amazon orders to groceries, crashes and injuries involving delivery vehicles are becoming more common, too. So, if you’ve been injured by a delivery truck, what are your options, and what should…
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gas explosion injury

When Gas Lines Explode, Who Pays for Victims’ Injuries?

In September 2018, a series of violent natural gas explosions in Boston shocked the country. While the devastation caused by the Boston gas explosions stood out, gas leaks and resultant injuries happen throughout the country every year. Keep reading to learn more about the dangers of gas utility lines and find out how you can…
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truck driver asleep at wheel

What Happens When a Truck Driver Falls Asleep at the Wheel?

In 2015, drowsy driving caused 41,000 injuries and more than 800 deaths across the nation. While federal and Virginia trucking regulations limit the number of hours a truck driver can operate their vehicle, drivers sometimes experience pressure from their employers to violate these rules so they can make deliveries faster. Keep reading to learn more…
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Drunk driving accident

How to Protect Your Rights After a Drunk Driving Accident

While the rates of drunk driving-related car wrecks have declined in Virginia over the past two decades, annual spikes in accidents still occur around the holidays, and even the most careful motorists can fall victim to a drunk driver. As the holiday season approaches, it’s especially important to understand the steps you can take to…
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Car Accident Attorney Phelan Petty

Holiday Fatalities on the Rise on Virginia Highways

Virginia Holiday Traffic Death Toll on the Rise During the 2017 Thanksgiving holiday weekend, 14 people were killed in Virginia automobile accidents.  This was the highest number killed over the Thanksgiving weekend since 2013.  This past Thanksgiving weekend, 12 people were killed in Virginia traffic crashes. Why do the number of Virginia highway fatalities during…
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lithium-ion battery injuries

5 Simple Ways You Can Protect Your Children From Lithium-Ion Battery Injuries

As the holiday season approaches, don’t forget about the potential hazard lithium-ion batteries pose to children. In the United States, emergency rooms treat more than 2,800 children each year who have swallowed the small button batteries found in devices like electronic toys, remote controls, key fobs, and musical greeting cards. Even more alarming, lithium-ion batteries…
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nursing home neglect

Nursing Home Neglect and Abuse: Learn How to Protect Your Loved Ones

Nursing home abuse is a form of medical malpractice. When you place your loved one in a nursing home, you expect them to receive exceptional care. Unfortunately, residents in nursing homes are vulnerable, and far too many nursing homes expose their residents to abuse and neglect. These abuses don’t just happen in the lowest-cost nursing…
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Medical Malpractice Damage Caps and the Dangers of Tort Reform

A medical mistake can change your life forever. Victims of medical malpractice often face a lifetime of lost income, high medical and nursing bills, and immense grief. Unfortunately, if the malpractice occurred in Virginia, no matter how significant your damages are or how shocking the doctor’s negligence, you’ll face a damage cap. Keep reading to…
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E-Cigarettes Are Bad for Your Health

E-Cigarettes May Have More Nicotine Than Conventional Cigarettes One way that e-cigarettes are bad for your health is they contain nicotine.  Here’s an alarming fact.  According to Dr. Patricia Folan, director of the Center for Tobacco Control at Norwell Health, “e-cigs pack more nicotine than cigarettes.” E-Cigarette Juice in Vaporized Form May Damage Your Lungs…
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