Should I File an Insurance Claim After a Virginia Car Accident?

Whether you own a car or a home, there is one constant – insurance companies. The reason why you pay for your insurance policy is for the event of an emergency; at least that’s what the agents will tell you. However, what they don’t tell you is that they want you to continue to pay premiums and not hold up their end of the bargain when you’re involved in an accident.

Insurance claims - Virginia car accidents

Insurance adjusters will use all types of reasons to avoid paying out your claim. Fortunately, you can reach out to a Richmond personal injury lawyer at Phelan Petty who can help you handle the insurance companies while you’re recovering from your accident and injuries.

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Filing an insurance claim after a Virginia auto accident

For many types of accidents that cause injury or property damage, you will need to file an insurance claim to receive your compensation. Whether you were hurt in a car accident, a truck accident, or a motorcycle accident, the defendant’s insurance company should be responsible for your compensation. Many insurance policies are designed to cover the damages of many injured people, like medical costs and lost wages.

When filing an insurance claim, you want to decide whether you will file with your personal insurance company or the other person’s insurance company. Even though this could be a pretty obvious decision, the other person may be underinsured or uninsured. In that case, you could rely on your own personal insurance company to cover your compensation. Another important decision to make is filing your claim as soon as possible. The timing of your claim can be used against you by insurance adjusters.

When you file your claim, you will be responsible for providing additional documentation. This documentation will validate your damages and show insurance adjusters that your damages are serious. One of the most important documents that you must show are copies of your medical records.

Your medical records will be requested by insurance adjusters to show that your injuries are legitimate. Other documentation that can add credibility to your claims are copies of the police report, photographic and videotaped evidence of the accident scene, and written witness statements.

What are the benefits of filing an insurance claim in Virginia?

Filing an insurance claim can be the quickest and most efficient way for you to receive the compensation to which you are entitled. Just because you file a lawsuit, it does not automatically mean that your case will make it to trial. Often, insurance companies are more willing to negotiate fairly with litigators like us, because they know we are ready to present your case to a jury at any time. As such, they usually come to the table with a more reasonable offer.

Should you accept this offer, the insurance company will pay out your claim. In most cases, it goes into a fund from which your outstanding medical bills and other associated costs are paid. After that, you will receive a check for the remainder of your award. In a best case scenario, this entire process may only take a couple of months.

Why you need a Richmond personal injury lawyer on your side

Another legal option you have is seeking the assistance of a personal injury lawyer. Many people do not hire a lawyer when appealing their claims because they think they don’t need one. They may think that lawyers are only for cases that result in court.

The truth is, insurance adjusters may still deny your claims after you have done all that you need to do. The main reason why is because insurance companies want to save as much money as possible. If it was up to them, they would choose not to pay out any claims. When you need to be compensated for your injuries and the insurance adjusters want to avoid a payout, it’s no surprise that you will not see eye-to-eye.

Your Richmond car accident attorney can help with this:

  • Talking with the negligent party’s insurance company. Once you hire us, you never have to speak directly to the insurance company again. All communication goes through us. That doesn’t mean you are kept out of the loop on your case; quite the opposite, in fact. We always keep you informed about how your claim or case is proceeding. But you no longer have to deal with adjusters or other insurance company employees hounding you.
  • Documenting the full extent of your injuries and losses. We will speak with your doctors, your employers, and your family members to get the full story about your injuries and the effect they have had on you. Your medical records are a critical component of your case, but they alone are not enough to tell your story. Speaking with the people who know you best about how your life has changed since “the accident” helps us paint a better picture.
  • Building the best possible case for you. Part of forcing insurance adjusters to reconsider your terms is gathering the strongest evidence in your favor. The more evidence you have that can prove the defendant’s negligence against you, the more likely insurance agents are to sit down and discuss your settlement. This is why documenting your injuries and your story is so important.
  • Preparing you and your case to a jury. Even though you may not want to take your case to trial, you may have to if the insurance company does not want to settle or will not offer a fair award. That is why we prepare our clients for a potential jury trial right from the start.

Phelan Petty’s attorneys have earned a reputation in the Commonwealth as skilled litigators, and every insurance company in Virginia knows it. If the insurance company is playing hardball or denies your initial claim, we know what do.

At Phelan Petty, we take your personal injury case seriously. Our Richmond attorneys want to help you secure the compensation that you deserve from your accident. Call us at 804-980-7100, or submit our contact form to schedule a free case evaluation.