Bellamy Stoneburner


Bellamy Stoneburner is a Virginia trial attorney driven by a passion to provide her clients the advocacy they deserve at every stage of litigation. As one of her clients put it: “We knew we were in good hands from the first moment we met Bellamy.” Bellamy’s practice focuses on complex medical negligence cases, wrongful death, and personal injury claims.

Bellamy has devoted herself to cases involving children. She regularly handles claims involving injuries or deaths sustained during pregnancy, labor and birth.  On behalf of pediatric patients, Bellamy has achieved some of the highest verdicts and settlements in Virginia involving cerebral palsy, heart defects, hip dysplasia, meningitis, brain injury, brachial plexus injury, and improper diagnosis of disease or infection.

Bellamy’s command of medicine and law has spanned the gamut of issues presented in this field.  She has obtained numerous successful results for her clients with spinal cord, vascular and orthopedic injuries. Bellamy has developed an expertise in cases involving the delayed diagnoses of cancer, stroke, heart attacks and infection.

From the outset of litigation to its end, Bellamy commits herself to walking in her clients’ shoes and telling their stories with accuracy and compassion.

Bellamy is a native Virginian who received her undergraduate and law degrees from the University of Virginia.  Prior to law school, Bellamy obtained her Master’s Degree in English Literature at the University of Utah, where she taught literature and rhetoric classes. In law school, Bellamy pursued her love of science and law in the environmental field. She interned at the Southern Environmental Law Center, the Public Interest Research Group in Washington, D.C., and served as the Environmental Law Journal Articles Editor.

When she is not preparing cases for trial, Bellamy spends time with her husband and two daughters. Together, they enjoy skiing, hiking, photography, music and time on the Chesapeake Bay.


Selected Prior Case Results

  • $3 million birth injury case resulting in cerebral palsy
  • $2 million birth injury case with delayed cesarean section and vacuum extraction, resulting in severe brain damage
  • $2 million pediatric case involving misdiagnosis of cystic fibrosis
  • $2 million wrongful death case due to the failure to diagnose lung cancer
  • $1.7 million case of anoxic brain injury following cardiac catheter procedure
  • $1.5 million case involving vascular injury to a leg, compartment syndrome and subsequent amputation
  • $1.5 million case involving the delayed diagnosis of congenital hip dysplasia in a pediatric patient
  • $1.3 million wrongful death case due to the failure to manage diabetes
  • $1.3 million delayed diagnosis of a brain tumor
  • $1.3 million wrongful death case involving improper chemotherapy for testicular cancer
  • $1.275 million wrongful death case due to a vascular injury to neonate with a congenital heart defect
  • $1.25 million wrongful death stillbirth case with delayed cesarean section
  • $1.2 million wrongful death of a neonate after failures to properly treat diabetic mother
  • $1.1 million wrongful death case of pediatric patient due to improper anesthesia
  • $1 million failed spinal surgery case
  • $1 million wrongful death case resulting from complications of prostate surgery
  • $975,000 delay in diagnosing compartment syndrome with resulting neuropathy
  • $925,000 pediatric wrongful death case due to failure to diagnose meningitis
  • $925,000 brachial plexus birth injury case
  • $900,000 wrongful death case due to failure to diagnose lung cancer
  • $900,000 failed Nissen fundoplication surgery for hiatal hernia

Awards and Recognition

Professional Memberships


  • Developing Damages, Virginia Trial Lawyers Association
  • Audit Trails and Other Forms of Metadata in Medical Negligence Cases
  • Neuroimaging in Birth Injury Cases