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Lithium-ion batteries power everything from headphones to cell phones and e-cigarettes. However, they can short circuit, overheat, and explode, even when used correctly by consumers—and e-cigarette batteries are particularly dangerous. In this guide, the Phelan Petty team explains essential safety precautions that can protect you and your loved ones against battery fires and explosions.

When you download this free ebook, you will learn:

  • Why lithium-ion batteries explode
  • Which products are most at risk for explosions
  • What do to if you are the victim of a dangerous or defective product, such as an e-cigarette or vape pen
  • How an experienced Phelan Petty attorney can help you recover the damages you deserve after a traumatic accident

Our lawyers have extensive experience handling lithium-ion battery injury claims, and we want to empower and educate consumers about these potentially hazardous products.

Phelan Petty: Virginia’s Battery Explosion Lawyers

Focused on Complex Cases

After a defective or dangerous battery explodes, it can be difficult to identify exactly what went wrong. At Phelan Petty, we have successfully traced liability back to manufacturers, retailers, and others that distributed defective and dangerous products. Our lawyers focus on the most complex cases, where our skills and resources can make the most impact.

Proven Research-Driven Approach

We take pride in our systematic, research-driving approach to personal injury cases. We think like scientists, ask questions like detectives, and fight like boxers for our clients. We also work with some of the country’s most respected technical experts.

Track Record of Excellence

Our results speak for themselves; we keep our head down and work hard, so that battery explosion victims get the justice and compensation they deserve. We have been recognized time and again for our excellent representation, and we are proud of the work we do.

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