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When construction employees sustain injuries on the job, they can file for workers’ compensation. Non-employees, and workers injured by defective machinery, tools, or other products, can file personal injury claims to obtain compensation. If you are ineligible for workers’ compensation, contact Phelan Petty in Richmond, Virginia to discuss your legal options.

Defective and dangerous construction tools and machinery

Any worker injured as a result of a defective tool or piece of machinery can file a third-party injury claim to seek damages from the manufacturer, seller, or designer of those tools. Phelan Petty handles third-party product liability claims on behalf of Virginia clients who sustained serious injuries from:

  • Press machines
  • Power tools
  • Cranes, cherry pickers, trucks, and other vehicles
  • Nail guns
  • Faulty ladders and scaffolding
  • Defective safety equipment
  • Electrical equipment
  • Defective containers for toxic chemicals

Our Case Results

$3.75 Million
Wrongful Death Settlement - Swimming pool drowning
$3.5 Million
Medical Malpractice Jury Verdict - Misread x-ray led to failure to diagnose bowel injury

The dangers of Virginia’s work zones

Per the Virginia Department of Transportation, there are approximately 7.3 work zones crashes every day in the state. These collisions are a leading cause of accidents and injuries to workers and non-workers alike.

Work zones pose certain dangers that other types of construction do not. They often have heavy congestion and limited visibility. Most work zones have vehicles entering and exiting the zones at all times, and based on the type of work, may have fluid boundaries. Repaving and milling, for example, will increase the amount of space a work zone needs to be safe, whereas work on bridges and overpasses can increase the risk of falling debris.

Even when workers are being safe, they still must deal with other passenger vehicles, motorcycle riders, and tractor-trailer drivers. The most common causes of work zone traffic accidents are:

  • Speeding, texting, or other reckless behavior
  • Attempting to change lanes in areas with solid lines
  • Drifting in and out of “cattle chute” areas on the road
  • Lack of appropriate signage to indicate changing traffic patterns
  • Poor or inadequate lighting around nighttime construction work

In collisions involving state vehicles, the statute of limitations is shorter than it is for a car crash between two privately-owned vehicles. Contact Phelan Petty in Richmond as soon as possible after the accident to ensure you are not time barred from filing a claim.

Leading causes of fatal construction site injuries for contractors and non-employees

  • Falls. About one-third of fatal construction site fatalities are due to falls. It is the most common cause of death on construction sites. The equipment used on sites that place workers at high elevations and at risk for falls include ladders, cranes, scaffolding, and other machinery.
  • Falling objects. About 11 percent of construction deaths are due to falling objects. Construction work often involves the lifting and transporting of heavy loads and tools, construction debris, and bulk building materials.
  • Electrocutions. Much of the work done on construction sites involves the use of electricity in one way or another. Deaths on these sites involving electrocutions are almost as common as those involving falling objects. They account for about 8.5 percent of fatalities on site.
  • Becoming caught or trapped between objects. Construction sites often utilize large and complicated pieces of machinery. These machines often lift heavy building materials. The danger to you as a construction worker increases if you accidentally become trapped, caught, or wedged in-between these types of machines or between a machine and some other object. These accidents account for about 5.5% of construction site deaths.

What types of injuries are associated with construction site accidents in Virginia?

Catastrophic injuries often occur on or around construction sites. These injuries can leave victims permanently scarred or disabled. These are life-changing injuries that often require continual care. Some of the catastrophic injuries associated with construction accidents include:

Your Richmond personal injury attorney can handle any necessary third-party claims for you, and explain the process of filing a claim. Contact us today to learn more.


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