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Richmond is a lovely place to walk, with plenty of parks and historic neighborhoods. Drivers here need to watch for pedestrians, but not every driver takes this responsibility to heart. At Phelan Petty, we have been fighting for personal injury victims for 35 years. We understand the unique issues involved with pedestrian accident cases, including identifying the driver, determining which insurance policies cover your damages, understanding the full scope of your injuries, and how to proceed if a loved one was killed. Call us today to get started.

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The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that, in 2020, one of six people killed in vehicle accidents was a pedestrian. Seven thousand pedestrians died and nearly 104,000 pedestrians needed emergency care in 2020. In 2019, nearly half of all fatal pedestrian accidents involved alcohol.

Why do pedestrian accidents happen in Richmond?

The reality is that pedestrians are no match for the size, weight, and speed of a moving car. Catastrophic injuries, permanent injuries, and death are common results of a pedestrian accident.

At Phelan Petty, we have the experience and resources to show that a pedestrian was injured because a driver:

  • Was impaired by alcohol or drugs
  • Failed to stop before entering a crosswalk at an intersection
  • Was speeding or driving too fast for conditions
  • Violated a Virginia traffic law
  • Was distracted by text messages, smartphone conversations, eating, or other distractions
  • Drove without looking for pedestrians in a commercial parking lot

The Virginia Department of Transportation or state agencies or entities may be liable because they failed to design crosswalks properly or otherwise contributed to the pedestrian accident.

Our pedestrian accident lawyers work with investigators, the police, and others to show how your accident occurred.

Staying safe as a pedestrian in Virginia

The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles offers the following list of safety tips for pedestrians:

  • Be predictable, follow the rules of the road and obey signs and signals.
  • Plan a route with safe crossings.
  • Avoid distractions, alcohol and drugs, and be alert.
  • Dress to be seen, but never assume drivers see you.
  • Wear reflective clothing, and carry a blinking light or flashlight at night.
  • Walk on sidewalks facing traffic.
  • If there’s no sidewalk, walk facing traffic and as far from traffic as possible.
  • Watch for cars backing up, especially in parking lots and driveways.
  • Cross at crosswalks or intersections – where drivers expect pedestrians. While crossing, look for cars in all directions, including those turning left or right, and make eye contact with turning drivers before proceeding when possible.
  • Turning vehicles can be especially dangerous at intersections. If there is no crosswalk or intersection, go to a well-lit area with the best view of traffic, wait until there is enough time to cross safely, and continue to watch for traffic while crossing.

These are helpful tips, but we understand that it is often the negligence or reckless behavior of drivers which causes the most harm. Therefore, we would add the following guidance for drivers to help them reduce the risk of a pedestrian crash:

  • Comply with every traffic law
  • Avoid impairment by alcohol or drugs
  • Never drive while distracted
  • Go slowly near schools
  • Be certain they can see around any obstructions where a pedestrian might be located
  • Go slowly in residential areas
  • Be cautious when children are entering or exiting a school bus

Who is responsible for a pedestrian accident in Richmond?

In addition to the driver, other defendants may include:

  • An employer of the driver that struck you
  • The owners of the vehicle that struck you if they are different from the driver
  • The Virginia Department of Transportation or other state entities/agencies who designed the roadway or had the duty to maintain the roadway
  • A manufacturer of a defective car, truck, or motorcycle part, such as the vehicle’s tires or brakes

Richmond pedestrian accident victims can file a claim against the driver and any other responsible parties, and seek payment through the defendant’s liability insurance carriers. If the defendant was uninsured, underinsured, or you were struck by a hit-and-run driver, we file a claim through your own UM/UIM carrier. We will explain if you can use the UM/UIM policy of anyone in the house who has such coverage if you do not have your own UM/UIM coverage.

Virginia’s limited social host laws

Virginia, unlike other states, does not have a “dram shop” law, which means a seller of alcohol cannot be held liable if they overserve a drunk patron, who then injures someone in a crash. The same is true for social hosts: if an adult gets drunk at a party and crashes into another person or driver, that host is not liable.

There is one limited exception if the host serves a minor. In such a case, the host could be held liable for any injuries you sustain.


What injuries do pedestrian accident victims suffer?

Our Richmond-based pedestrian accident lawyers understand how serious most pedestrian accidents are. We handle all kinds of catastrophic, permanent, and severe injuries including:

We also file wrongful death claims on behalf of spouses, parents, and children (and siblings in some cases) when a loved one dies in a pedestrian accident in Richmond.

How much is my pedestrian accident claim worth?

At Phelan Petty, our personal injury lawyers do everything to maximize your claim. We begin by reviewing the medical care you will need and all the ways your injuries will affect your ability to function, work, and enjoy life. We demand compensation for all your current and future:

  • Medical expenses. These costs include ER care, surgeries and hospital stays, physician visits, rehabilitation, assistive devices, medications, and any other bills.
  • Lost income. Lost income includes wages, business income, and benefits for as long as you cannot work.
  • Pain and suffering. This damage category compensates you for your physical pain and the emotional effects of your injuries.
  • Scarring and disfigurement. We seek damages for any scars, visible and private, including treatment with psychologists and psychiatrists.
  • Any other applicable damages. These may include punitive damages if a drunk driver caused the accident.

How much time do I have to file my pedestrian accident claim in Virginia?

Virginia has a two-year statute of limitations. Please do not wait. Contact Phelan Petty as soon as possible so we can fully and promptly investigate your claim, speak with your doctors, and pursue your claim.


Do you have a pedestrian accident lawyer near me?

Phelan Petty meets clients are our office located at 3315 West Broad Street in Richmond. We also meet clients who are immobile or too injured to come to our office at their homes or a hospital.

Our Richmond-based pedestrian accident attorneys represent clients throughout Virginia including state and federal courts. We serve as local counsel for many out-of-state attorneys. Please contact us to learn more.

We guide clients through each step of the claims process.

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Pedestrian accidents cause a great amount of trauma and heartache. Drivers who change your life or end the life of a loved one deserve to be held accountable. Phelan Petty has the experience and resources to fight for the strongest awards possible. Our Richmond pedestrian accident lawyers are ready to help you today. Call Phelan us or use our contact form to schedule a free appointment. We represent personal injury victims throughout Virginia.