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Tire blowouts can happen in any type of vehicle, but they are more likely to happen with trucks – simply because trucks have more tires. When a truck tire blows out, the driver can easily lose control of the vehicle, causing it to collide with other vehicles or causing the cargo from the truck to spill onto the highway. Truck tire blowouts in Richmond are usually due to defective tires or due to the failure of the truck driver or trucking companies to inspect all the tires before any trips.

At Phelan Petty, our Richmond-based tire blowout lawyers work with investigators, tire experts, and the police to help show how the blowout happened, that a tire was defective, and what steps should have been taken to prevent the blowout. For 35 years, our truck accident lawyers have secured millions of dollars on behalf of the injured in Virginia. We will fight for all the compensation you deserve for your financial losses and pain and suffering.

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What is a tire blowout?

A tire blowout occurs when a tire loses pressure rapidly. Due to the suddenness of the pressure loss, tire blowouts can be explosive and dangerous. Tire blowouts are often due to tires that are underinflated, overinflated, or because of tires that do not have the right tread depth. Tire blowouts differ from flat tires in that the pressure loss in a blowout is sudden while the pressure loss in a flat tire happens over time.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 664 people died in America in 2020 due to tire-related accidents, including blowouts, flat tires, and tread problems.


Why do tire blowouts happen in Richmond?

Some of the common reasons for tire blowouts include:

  • Heavy loads. The heavier the truck is, the more pressure there is on the tires. Increased pressure can cause an increase in wear on the treads and uneven wear, which can cause blowouts. Even heavily loaded cars and SUVs may experience a tire blowout.
  • The heat. Tire blowouts are more common in the summer when tires and the roads both get hot. The heat weakens the rubber on the tires. When the rubber is weak, that can lower the pressure of the tires causing a blowout.
  • Road conditions. Any debris from roadway construction, potholes, or uneven roads can cause a puncture or a sudden amount of pressure on the tires, causing a blowout.
  • Under-inflation. Tires lose air over time. When a tire is under-inflated, it wears out differently than a tire that is properly inflated. This wear can increase the risk of a blowout.
  • Installation and alignment issues. Tires are more likely to blow if the alignment is off, if they are mismatched, or if they are installed improperly.

Tires that are under-inflated are especially prone to blowouts. If the sidewalls of the tire are worn down, the tire can burst.

One of the dangers of a truck tire blowout is the increased possibility of rollover crashes. The combination of the driver losing control of the vehicle, and the semi’s higher center of gravity, makes rollovers more likely.

The type of tire also affects the possibility of a blowout. There are different types of tires for different trucks, different roads, and different seasons. All-season tires should handle all types of road conditions. Summer tires are not designed for ice or snow. All-terrain tires are usually used on four-wheel vehicles.


What should drivers do if they experience a tire blowout?

The NHTSA recommends keeping the truck balanced if a tire blowout happens. Do not slam on your brakes or quickly move your foot from the accelerator. Safety steps include:

  • Holding the steering wheel with both hands.
  • Keeping a steady speed if possible.
  • Gradually releasing the accelerator.
  • “Correct[ing] the steering as necessary to stabilize your vehicle and regain control. Look where you want the vehicle to go and steer in that direction.”
  • After your vehicle is stable, keep slowing down and pull off the road at a safe spot.
  • Stand in a safe space if you are waiting for the police or roadside assistance.
  • Call the police or 911 if anyone was hurt.
  • Call dispatch and make them aware of the accident.

Who is liable for a tire blowout accident in Richmond?

Many newer trucks have tire pressure sensors that notify the driver if the tires are under-inflated. Still, tires need to be checked to make sure they are the correct tires for the vehicle, that the tires have the proper tread and pressure, and that the tires are in good working order.

Our Richmond-based tire blowout lawyers file Virginia accident claims against one or more of the following defendants:

The drivers, owners, and others involved in a shipment or any trip have a duty to inspect their tires before each trip. Tire companies that install tires need to install them properly.

Our lawyers file personal injury claims, product liability claims, and wrongful death claims when tire blowout accidents happen in Richmond.

What you should know about tire defects

Most blowouts are the result of negligence. Fleet owners and drivers need to inspect their tires regularly and ensure that they are installed correctly. Failure to care for the parts of the truck can increase the risk of a crash; it also opens them to liability.

But in some cases, the tire itself is defective. Tires may be defective due to inner liner defects, body pile defects, steel belt failures, defective inner belt gauges, and defective wedges. Defects may cause the tire treads to separate, thus leading to a blowout

Trucking companies should respond to any recall notices, which normally involve repairing or replacing defective tires.


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