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More on Stryker Rejuvenate Hip Implants

in June 2008, Stryker Orthopaedics, a major U.S. medical device manufacturer, received FDA approval for its Rejuvenate Modular Hip System. FDA approval was based on Stryker's representation to the FDA that the design was substantially similar t...
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Concussion Crisis in America

Paul Woody is a journalist for the Richmond Times Dispatch who happens to cover sports. There are not many sports writers these days whom I would call '"journalists." Starting today, the RTD is running an important series of stories t...
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Meningitis not first fatalities involving compounding pharmacies

The national fungal meningitis outbreak that has been linked to a Massachusetts compounding pharmacy, the New England Compounding Center, has resulted in hundreds of illnesses and many deaths. In order to ensure the safety and sterility of their prod...
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What was the FDA’s Role in the Meningitis Outbreak?

Compounding pharmacies are major suppliers of infusable and injectable solutions used by some of the nation's biggest hospitals. As the recent meningitis outbreak shows, contamination of these products can lead to disasterous results for patients...
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$1,500,000.00 Recovery in Mild TBI/Major Depressive Disorder Case

Our firm was associated by another law firm to help litigate this case on behalf of a 45 year old man who was T-boned in his commercial van by another van.  Our client was diagnosed in the emergency room with a head injury, but this diagnosis was soon overshadowed by deep depression.  Unfortunately, the client…
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When Representing Clients with Special Needs, Consider Pooled Special Needs Trust

During the past twenty plus years representing children with disabilities in personal injury cases, I encountered a common problem. After a good settlement or verdict was obtained and a special needs trust was established for the child’s money, I would inevitably receive calls from parents who were frustrated by their efforts to interact with the…
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Northstar Academy kicks off First Annual Special Needs Forum-January 29-30, 2010

Northstar Academy is a non-profit school dedicated to providing special needs students with an academic and social education along with the skills necessary to help the students transition to life after high school.  Mr. Phelan is proud to be the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Northstar.  On January 29-30, 2010, Northstar hosted “Navigating a…
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Tax Credit Available for Supporting Richmond Special Needs School

Located in Richmond, Virginia, Northstar Academy is a private, non-profit school serving children who have a wide range of learning differences.  Great Aspirations Scholarship Program, Inc. (GRASP) is a non-profit that helps students and their families access various education programs, including the unique program at Northstar.  GRASP’s Northstar Fund provides scholarships to children who need but…
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Help End Distracted Driving

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), car crashes are the number one killer of teenagers and teenagers crash four times more often than other age groups.  How could this be since teenagers have better eyesight and reflexes than most other age groups?  It is because they believe they are invincible and they…
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